Leimeko Sand Casting

High quality products in single and serial production

In sand casting, we have the technology and the know-how to produce castings in different ways. From the traditional cast in a handmade mold through to computer-aided mold filling in core packages, LEIMEKO has it all.

Sand casting in a hand-made mold

In this process, the molds are produced in a traditional way by hand. Especially for single pieces, small series and prototypes, this method is particularly well because the shapes can be produced quickly and flexibly. We can cast components with almost any large size and heavy weight.

Leimeko Sandguss

Sand cast in machine molding

We have two systems for machine molding. Large series with a high productivity and excellent quality can be produced on a fully automated system with a box size of 1200 mm x 850 mm x 400 mm.

Medium and small series also can be produced on a semi-automatic system.

Low pressure sand casting

The LP sand casting combines the advantages of sand casting with the advantages of the LP die casting. The relatively new method achieves a high reproducibility of the mold filling but at the same time a better structure and surface quality compared to conventional sand casting.

Core production

On three core production machines the different sized cores are prepared by the cold-box method. We also have a factory with the core Pepset method.


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