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Identify potentials early

For almost two years we have with MAGMA5 one of the most effective tools for casting simulation. The advantages of the use of software are obvious. Combined with the foundry experience of many years of our staff, the software offers our customers many ways to get even more out of their product. Thus, before the production of the model or mold, all the essential parameters of the form filling can be determined by a mold filling and solidification simulation. Possible errors during solidification can be identified and minimized by appropriate changes of the design in advance.

Simulation as a modern marketing tool

We use the opportunity of the simulation already for creating our quotations. In addition to the advantage of the cycle time and therefore also  the process cost can be calculated more accurate, the results from the simulation give us the opportunity to optimize the product for castingUsing the software, we can show clearly and graphically pros and cons of casting to our customers. This creates opportunities for cost savings before we submit an offer.

Reduced development times

Another field of MAGMA5 is the production start-up. The development of ingate systems, pressure curves, casting temperatures and other casting parameters must no longer take place in exhausting development work on the factory floorInstead, this development will be done in the office and a nearly finished process is transferred to the machine. There, the experts give the process the final touch. This means that no machinery or manpower is unnecessarily wasted by the casting trials. The times on the machine can therefore be used adding value. This not only benefits us but also our customers, as it reduces the start-up and lead time in our company.  

Continual improvement

"Never touch a running system". This does not apply to usEven if a process is running supposedly stable and reliable, we do not stop to think and to optimize the processFor this MAGMA5 provides excellent opportunitiesWithout putting the ongoing process at risk of changes, variations can be simulated, and therefore the necessary knowledge for continuous improvement can be obtained.

Casting simulation as a service
Development support for our customers

We offer our customers the service of mold filling and solidification simulation during the product development. Our foundry specialists you can use the simulation results represent the "castability" and uncover potential vulnerabilities. Thus, the development times of the cast components anddevelopment costs can be significantly reduced.

Many of our customers have so far taken advantage of the opportunity. Just ask us. We will gladly advise you on our service casting simulation.


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