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Cast aluminum from Berlin

LEIMEKO stands for high-quality, pre-finished aluminum castings - a complete production from a single source including delivery directly into the assembly of our customers. Our range of services includes single pieces, prototyping, advanced prototype, small and large production series and parts to batch size 1. All cast products not only meet the highest quality requirements. Of course we deliver naturally at fair prices.

Our high quality standards are not only checked regularly by clients and certifications, we have been awarded the Quality Award of Qualitätsinitiative Berlin-Brandenburg for "quality and good service from the capital region" in October 2013.

Through our lean management structure, the implementation of projects is extremely short. We have delivery reliability of nearly 100 percent with only a 0.3-percent error rate. This makes us one of the most reliable suppliers of aluminum castings worldwide. We deliver our cast parts to China, India, Brazil, Mexico and to various customers within Europe and Germany.

Benefits from one hand

We are proficient in a variety of casting processes. Whether in the sand casting or gravity die casting, we offer the best method for your components. In the low pressure sand casting and low pressure die casting the computer-aided process control also allows a reproducible form filling. In an innovation project we have increased our skills to produce gas-tight castings up to 200kg in the LP sand casting.

Complete results from a single provider

We not only supply raw castings. In addition to casting, we can do the mechanical processing and heat treatment for your parts. In order to provide you with installation-ready components, we have built a large network with long-term partners. So we are able to fulfill additional requirements, such as surface treatments or coatings. This allows you to get a pre-finished component from a single supplier.


LEIMEKO Leichtmetallgiesserei
Walter Koch & Sohn GmbH & Co KG
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13509 Berlin

E-Mail: Leimeko@Leimeko.de
Tel.: +49 30 437 44 70
Fax: +49 30 432 20 28

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